Maximise your leadership potential, improve decision-making and achieve personal goals. Individually tailored, our proven processes help you to work smarter, tapping into inherent skills and insights you need to achieve lasting success. We also help new managers and staff to integrate into your organisation and its culture. With our support and guidance, new hires adjust to the social and performance aspects of their new job quickly and smoothly.

Our programs examine a variety of leadership models, build capacity and resilience and maximise mental strength around change and instability.

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Career Transition
& Outplacement

Our career transition and outplacement programs are highly personalised to meet specific individual needs.
By offering tailored, flexible support, we help each participant navigate their career transition journey and flourish. Available as one-to-one coaching – or delivered in small group programs – we assist each participant to explore the complexity of the job market and to achieve personal goals.
Whilst some career changes are involuntary (eg redundancy) many individuals are looking to manage their careers whilst still in their roles.

We help optimise what it is you wish to achieve.

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Mediation and
Facilitated Meetings

We recognise that conflict (both healthy and unhealthy) occurs in every organisation. Often conflict needs addressing so parties can move forward, and we have accredited mediators who can facilitate such discussions, and help staff navigate through workplace relationship issues.

Our experienced consultants also specialise in chairing and facilitating meetings. We offer objective insights, helping you and your organisation to work smarter. By engaging us as a third party, we provide an impartial perspective. As objective facilitators, we understand how to best capture discussions, keep to topic and move the agenda forward.

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Our assessment services are principally employed for selection and coaching.
The assessments are typically aimed at Leadership, Personality, Emotional Intelligence, Decision Making and 360 feedback. In addition, we offer verbal, numerical and abstract assessments. These tools are most effective with executive and management groups.

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Preparing you for the next step

When change is the only constant, adaptation is key. With the full support of the professional executive coaching services from Novoture, you can work smarter and be ready for what the next day brings.

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