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The Novoture difference:
The CDI model.


The essence of the CDI model is that all decisions and subsequent actions must be seen in their context. That is, a decision for one situation is not necessarily the best decision for an identical situation (because there are different contextual matters to consider). Once the most appropriate decision is made, the question is how best to implement the proposed action. We ensure you are asking yourself the right questions so that you can consider all factors, both seen and hidden.


We help you understand the specific situation in which you find yourself which requires a necessary or potential action. The context may be to do with power balance, KPI reporting, Board or other relationships, time of year or your own state of mind.


All decisions have an impact and obvious or hidden outcomes. Decisions often need to be made carefully with visibility, knowledge and experience as to how they will play out. We help you to navigate what can often be difficult and tricky terrain in optimal decision making.


If making a decision, and the context under which it is made is challenging, the next step in implementing the decision requires some careful thinking. The best decisions, implemented without due consideration, will be seen by your constituents in poor light and reflect on you as a less than efficient operator. We help you to strategically put in place the decisions you have made, so that all potential pitfalls can be accounted for and allow you to move to your next assignment.

The CDI model can be applied in any of these areas:

    • Leadership effectiveness
    • Managing uncertainty
    • Work and whole of life balance
    • Building confidence and resilience
    • Preparing for the next role / promotion
    • Taking up a new role / challenge and achieving success quickly
    • Managing upwards – including Boards
    • Feedback coaching using various leadership tools and personality instruments
    • Strategies for managing change
    • Managing conflict/difficult personalities

Preparing you for the next step

When change is the only constant, adaptation is key. With the full support of the professional executive coaching services from Novoture, you can work smarter and be ready for what the next day brings.

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